Dear Mr Bill Bill,

This is Glaaaadis! I want you to know that there is no way to say good-bye to you, even if you lived 150 years! From the first time I met you with my sister Margaree Glenn we adored your spirit and obvious LOVE FOR JESUS! There has never been a time since I’ve known you (over 35 years) that you didn’t show your deep passion and dedication towards JESUS CHRIST, Your CHURCH, Your PASTOR, and other people! When we met at a Salem revival, you quickly let me know about your home church Canaan Baptist Church because I wanted to know where you came from and where was your church. Canaan became my home right after that meeting! I couldnt wait to be a part of your electrifying teaching, playing, an vocal leadership. You were there when my mother passed 87, then my sister 01, and my father in 2007! You meant so much to our family and not just my family in Champaign Urbana. When you called I came. I will miss the teaching, encouragment, jokes, and that hilarious blush when you said “Danny Caaaaarl”. Candace Evelyn, Justin  Tustin, and Miss Centennial, Love You and will never forget Mr Bill Bill! Words can not describe the feelings,  as PASTOR TATUM said Sunday! You were just THAT person. As my mama would say..”God broke the mold when he made Deacon Summerville”. I can not say RIH, because I KNOW YOU ARE SHOUTING WITH YOUR FAMILY ALLLLLL over heaven!!! You didn’t rest here!!! Say hi to my mama and daddy. Tell my sister to just keep praisin’ because I know she has not sat down since you got there! Im sure my mama was so happy to see you. We will miss you here but LOVE YOU SO MUCH and it hurts. With God we will be alright.

Eternal Love to My “DEACON”


Tribute by Gladys Sandy Phillips