Good Rev Deacon Summerville

Wow,this is a hard thing to be doing.Never did I think that I would have to say see you later to Mr Summerville.If you didn’t know him then you missed your chance to know one of God’s angels.There are so many things that I could say about this God fearing man,but there wouldn’t be enough room or time.Just want to say thank you to God and his family for sharing him with all of us.Not only was he very close to most of my family ,my granddaughter got to meet and know him to that is such blessing to me.Deacon Summerville was a perfect example of what and how a Christian should be.I loved the fact that he never meet a stranger and maybe I got a little of that from him cause I am always told you never meet a strange.I remember when I was in the choir at St Luke back in my younger days I never understood why we were the only choir in town that had rehearsal 2 times per week.Not only did we rehearse we had bible study, pray time and always sounded good even if we really didn’t know all the words to a song or just learned it minutes before we sang it.So thank you Mr Summerville for all the time you put in serving God and instilling it in us.For giving your all when ever you played, taught or just talking to people Really going to miss hearing you call my name out ┬áloud and asking me how I am doing.He started calling me by my first name Tunoia with an extended a.This community and others will never be the same without him.Now you and your beautiful wife will be together again.And thank you thank.Love you both! Gone but never forgotten. Until we meet again.Tunoia Elaine (Allen)Jones

Tribute by Tunoia Elaine Jones