He Helped Make Me

The biggest blessing to my music ministry EVER was when I was 18 years old.   My minister of Music (Beth Williams Burris) MADE me go to the music workshop at Indiana St Baptist Church.  And then she MADE me go up front to be a part of a grouo of Ladies that Mr. Summerville called the Pine Bluff Echoes of Glory.  I was HOOKED on that workshop.  Every year for at least 20’consecutive years I went, sung myself tired, learned, gleaned from and became friends with him.   I watched his style of teaching.   I learned proper song selection.  And now, 30 years later I am the Minister of Music at my church.  One of my choir members is from Crossett and knows him. About two years ago, she  gave me the GREATEST compliment ever.  She said “You teach JUST LIKE Wilkie T.”   So I can truly say he helped shape me!!!! I am truly grateful to have known and learned from him.

Tribute by Karen Matlock Booth