My Life Changer

In high school, my older brother was a bit of a trouble maker. Mr Summerville did not judge him based off of his faults, he saw that he could be more, he encouraged him to join choir. He wasn’t the greatest singer (my brother) however it was something positive to keep him involved in. My brother got into a bit of trouble and ended up in jail, Mr Summerville came to my house after one of his SWAT(ting) mornings, to check on my mother and during the conversation he invited her to his church, Canaan. Our lives were forever changed after that moment, and he did nothing out of the ordinary for him, he shared his love for Jesus. We have been at Canaan ever since that first Sunday after his visit. I hated getting up early on Sunday morning and going to church, my siblings and I would fight my mother the whole morning but she required our presence. I was so mad at him for ruining our Sundays Lol. When I reached Middle School he became my music teacher, and then he became invested in my future as not just a Christian but as a student, a person. He harassed me to sing solos because unlike my brother, I can actually carry a tune. Mr Summerville “harassed” me until his last days, to join Canaan’s Choir. All he ever wanted from “Faith Elizabeth” (definitely not my middle name, but he did not care one bit) was for me to sing for him and Jesus! LOL He wanted me to use my gifts! I will sing for him one last time later this week, but every time I belt one out while cleaning, studying, or follow along with the alto section of my favorite gospel songs, I will forever think of Deacon! My heart is saddened by the passing of the man I considered to be my true God Father, as it is because of him that my family and I know the love of Christ. He embodied His spirit wherever he went, with whomever he met. I send my condolences to the family during this time of mourning this beloved man. May God continue to keep you all!

Tribute by Phelicia "Faith Elizabeth"