RIH Maestro!

Mr. Summerville embodied Jesus’ love for all. He never met a stranger and was so full of joy you could not be anything but happy when you were around him.  I always looked forward to New Life (St Luke CME) choir rehearsals because he would always be excited to be teaching, always be funny, always bring scripture and always make sure we sounded like we knew what we were doing! I love how he encouraged us all to be our best and trusted that we could minister a song even when we doubted ourselves.  I am especially grateful for his influence over my daughter, Kaitlyn.  She was always at rehearsal with me and he allowed her to sing with the choir when she was just 8 years old.  He gave her her first solo this past year when she was just 11.  We are truly mourning his loss but celebrating his life all at the same time.  I’m going to miss his joy, love of Christ, laugh, the crazy nicknames, him hiding his face when he was throwing shade, the range of music genres he taught, the overwhelming joy he always shared.  We will all miss the good Rev. Dr. Deacon Willie T. Summerville!

Tribute by Nina Sibley-Richardson