RIL A Truly Amazing Man

I was blessed to have married into the family. When I met Uncle Wiilie T the first time, I was blown away. I fell in love immediately. I have never heard someone speak with such grace and precision. He was articulate and intelligent in his speaking. He named me Gertherine. He said,  “Oh Gertharine, you sure do love my nephew! That is so wonderful!” He made me feel so welcomed. I was blessed and I mean blessed to have attended a workshop of his.  He was so full of joy. You couldn’t help but go along and get joyous yourself.  We called to check on him and he thought something was wrong, we explained nothing was wrong but just checking on him.  He thanked us, was glad we called, and he prayed for us on the phone because he wanted to do so. He loved his family.  The way he moves and speaks generates throughout the family. He continued the work of his dad and made sure everyone was educated and prepared for life. The whole family has blessed me and I’m glad to be able to have married into the Summerville family. It has been a true honor to have met him.  My memories of him will continue to bless me all my life.

Tribute by Victoria Patton