Salute to the Maestro!

Truly no words are adequate to capture the love, admiration, and deep ache in my heart felt in this moment of loss of the physical being that connected Willie T. Summerville to my life for more than 50 years! Dear mentor, teacher, encourager, big brother, surrogate father, Christian example, choir director, celebrator, and the list goes on! Family for real with no holding back! My “Bill”! No other music master like him on this side of the Jordan-now present with God! During the ministry of my late husband and Pastor, Overseer Roy Edwin West at the Greater Strangers Rest Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, “the Maestro” taught and mentored such greats as Kirk Franklin and Malcolm Lee who were our ministers of music during the early 90’s! Malcolm stayed home ministering while Kirk went on to become a world renowned gospel master himself! Other musicians out of our ministry continue to praise the gifts shared by Willie T. Summerville-Gospel Maestro extraordinary!

“Bill” you will forever hold that special place in my heart that only your spirit can fill! Love you truly-Always and Forever! Debbie

Tribute by Evangelist Debra Sykes West