Taking Us Chocolate Kids to the Vanilla Suburbs

Mr. Willie T. Summerville was a man who did soooo much for me as a young black boy with no idea just how much ALL Colors LOVE Great Music…and as a member of his Church and School Choirs, Great Singers.

He introduced us to music that I know I would have probably Never heard or listened to….let along perform, if it wasn’t for him. Handel’s Messiah was a MUST LEARN in his school choir. Learning the complexity of those pieces stuck in my soul, and allowed me to feel in the upper echelon of the music world, all because I, a young black boy was performing GREAT CLASSICAL MUSIC….Which in my mind was not in my everyday mindset as something young black kids did.

As I have grown to learn, through his teachings as well as a few others, It isn’t a such thing as color when it comes to music and performance. As a matter of fact, it is one of the very few things that brings people of all races, types, and religions together.

Mr. Summerville proved that time and time again. He was one of the greatest at being a “bridge gapper”…How? He did it because he started with Love, and that’s the way it ended…with love.

Whatever he did…that was his formula…Love.

I will miss you hear on Earth, However I will greet you again in Heaven.

To all of us who believe in Angels, the ones who are gone to glory in the flesh, can be even closer to us now because nobody can contain a Spirit.

Whenever you summons Him…He can be there, just as the Holy Spirit is….inside you.


Tribute by Shon Jasper