Team highsmith

Im loss for words but do have things to about a godly ,man loving dad, grandfather. When me and team first came Champaign three months ago had nowhere to go or live went to Canaan church and meet pastor Tatum and then i meet mr.Summerville and he had a smile and glow like god had made him. First words came out mouth was Jesus love you honey what your name i respond bridgette highsmith and he ask how many kids you got i respond 10 he said we just add ten kids and sis bridgette. God got you and i do too let my call around and he took his phone out and said to it call saundra .then all my miracle was happen. He was my dad, my kids grandfather. I love the summerville team and they is a great team and deacon Summerville was a great coach with his team down here and now in heaven with his father he going be the best coach ever we love you deacon Summerville rip

Tribute by Bridgette Highsmith