Yes, Jesus Loves You

How many times I walked into choir rehearsal to Jesus Loves You, I can’t count them because it’s how we always started. Now matter how long I had been away, whenever I came home and saw him, it was girl, Jesus Loves You. I’m going to miss running into him.

I’m going to miss his sense of humor cause he would make you laugh even if you didn’t want to. I remember my last at length conversation with him, it was in Douglas Park at Champaign-Urbana Day. I was at a booth handing out information Myocarditis, a virus that attacks the heart, he listened even though people kept calling out to him. When I asked him to take some brochures to place at Caanan, he did and took the time to offer comforting words when I told him the disease had taken my 16 month old granddaughter. This is who he is, sincere and kind. Our loss is heaven’s gain and if you believe, we will sing with him again.

Tribute by Becky Wagner